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Pizza and Karaoke at Cuban Coffee El Pilon

It’s a bit far from being Cuban, but the concept has brought even more clientele and life to the quaint Cuban Coffee Shop on Barrier Reef Drive. Pizza and Karaoke! What a great combo! Pedro Jardines, who has been running the Cuban café for quite some years now, found the perfect allure to his restaurant – infusing the air with the smell of sweet and fresh pizza and readying the microphone for some good ole karaoke.

Pizza and a couple pasta dishes now reign the nights at Cuban Coffee with renowned Chef Letty Garcia preparing some great tasting pizzas, lasagna and spaghetti bolognaise/Napolitano. Sipping on lemonade and Mojitos, while we waited for our food, locals and tourists stepped off the street from their leisurely stroll into the coffee shop. Some were seeking pizza, others a beer or a rich Pilon coffee while others wanted to sing!

Our food arrived – one large Mexican pizza that was covered with cheese and drizzled with ground beef, tomato and topped with lots of jalapeño peppers. It’s a great-tasting pizza with the Mexican kick of peppers that excites the mouth. The second was a small Cuban pizza with ground pork, cheese, tomato and mint for toppings. Other choices include ham and pineapple for a delicious Hawaiian pizza, lobster, fish or shrimp for a tasty island seafood pizza or toppings of your choice for an individualized pizza made your way.

Then came a mouth-watering lasagna with rich meaty sauce and lots and lots of melted cheese; Letty does make a mean lasagna. And pasta seems to be one of her specialties as the spaghetti bolognaise was excellent to the last bite. Bite? You can hardly call it a bite as it melts in your mouth.

While pizza and pasta reign supreme every night at Cuban Coffee, DJ Raul and his karaoke setup can be enjoyed only on Fridays at the café. And Cuban Coffee El Polon still offers its great Cuban menu for breakfast and lunch. When Ambergris Today first experienced lunch at Cuban Coffee, it was Dorian’s Angels who sipped on some strong Cuban coffee, chowed down rice and beans with roast chicken and superb Cuban Sandwiches. It’s a great eatery which Ambergris Today highly recommends. We surely had a great night eating pizza and enjoying great karaoke fun. And the karaoke winners of the night even took a whole large pizza home with them; can’t beat that!

Cuban Coffee El Pilon Restaurant/Café is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 6am to midnight and pizza is served from 4pm to midnight.

Pizza and Karaoke at Cuban Coffee El PilonPizza and Karaoke at Cuban Coffee El PilonPizza and Karaoke at Cuban Coffee El Pilon Pizza and Karaoke at Cuban Coffee El PilonPizza and Karaoke at Cuban Coffee El PilonPizza and Karaoke at Cuban Coffee El Pilon

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