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Another Treat at Hidden Treasure

The staff of Ambergris Today experienced a great restaurant review when Hidden Treasure first opened its doors. The first time, the staff experienced dinner in a romantic atmosphere, but this past week we were invited for a second treat – to have lunch at the restaurant that recently has opened back its doors for lunch.

Our host for the afternoon was bartender Luis Velasquez, who prepared some one-of-a-kind drinks for us such as Cantelope Martini, Frozen Mojito, and their signature drinks such as Hidden Treasure Margaritas and Pino Craboo Punch. One can actually say that they are the best drinks in town, not too strong or too light just perfect!

For all of you meat lovers you don’t want to miss the great T-bone steak and ribs that Hidden Treasure has to offer. The T-Bone steak is marinated in red wine for twelve hours and cooked to perfection. And let us not forget the ribs (Spare Buhurie) which is marinated in Garifuna spices and cooked tenderly, the meat actually dissolves in your mouth. The Blackened fish was served with a fruit sauce and the Bacon wrap is done with smoked chicken, both scrumptiously delicious.

After having enjoyed these great dishes we still had room for dessert – cheese cake, caye lime pie and coconut pie were a must. They also have a one of a kind liquid dessert section of which we had a Mudslide. Mmmm!

Our first experience was great but we all agreed that the second experience was excellent as they have perfected their delicious dishes! Thumbs up to the management and staff of Hidden Treasure for providing great service and food in an enchanting atmosphere. Hidden Treasure located in the Escalante Subdivision, call 226-4111 for reservations and don’t forget to tell them Ambergris Today sent you!

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