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Crimes Investigation Training Course

Crime in Belize is a serious issue and what better way to address this situation than having well trained Police Officers and Criminal Investigation Officers so that they can properly handle these situations and to properly carry out investigations. A total of 30 detectives including one of San Pedro’s officer and Caye Caulker’s Officer are taking a Crimes Investigation Training Course which started on Monday, January 19 and is scheduled to finish on Friday, January 30.

The Crimes Investigation Training Course is currently taking place at the Police Training Academy. The Course is residential and is targeting thirty (30) Detectives and Potential Detectives from across the country of Belize. The Objectives of the course is to teach the trainees the relevant knowledge and materials needed in order to become more effective in their line of work.

The course will help detectives sharpen their knowledge and skills and will also help improve the level of detective work. By training the detectives, it will help the community to have a greater degree of trust in the work the detectives carry out.

Pc # 650 J. Tun of San Pedro, Pc F. Rash of Caye Caulker and Pc # 1085 G. Correa (Ex-CIB San Pedro Town) Belize City, are in the Crimes Investigation Course.

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