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Elsa Strong, for Three More Years

Elsa Paz once again made history during the early morning hours of Thursday, March 5, 2009, as it was announced the she and her UDP candidates had won the majority of votes for the third consecutive time in the Municipal Elections to assure them three more years as the administrators of the San Pedro Town Council.

“I am extremely happy at this moment,” commented Elsa Paz to the crowd that had gathered at the San Pedro High School waiting for the election results. “I made history by being voted the first female mayor of the town and once again my councilors and I make history as the UDP wins the municipal elections for the third time in a row.”

Mayor Paz dedicated this last win to her deceased mother whom she says was by her side during all of her campaigns. “My mother, when she was alive, was with me throughout all my campaigns and was part of my strength to go forward. I dedicate this win to her; may her soul rest in peace.”

Despite a low turnout throughout the country of Belize, the United Democratic Party (UDP) defeated the People’s United Party (PUP) and all the other parties and Independent candidates who contested the nationwide municipal elections in a landslide by winning 64 out of 67 seats; the PUP won three seats in Orange Walk Town.

The UDP won all seats in Corozal Town, Belize City, San Ignacio Town, San Pedro Town, Belmopan City, Benque Viejo Town, Dangriga Town and Punta Gorda Town. This time around, they won all the Mayoral seats including the Mayoral seat in Punta Gorda Town which they lost in the last municipal election.

Election 2009 Goes Red Again

City and Municipal Elections 2009 have been rocking from side to side as early as mid-year 2008 during the conventions of both political parties. In the Red Camp there has been division in San Pedro, Belize City and Dangriga where Mayor Mena was not functioning. While the PUP has been struggling to come out of several scandals, the UDP was just beginning to open its scandal box after about one year of UDP in Central Government.

In San Pedro it was alleged corruption with land sales by a few councilors and no accounts of the incomes or expenditures. There was division between the mayor and some councilors and the executive.

In Belize City it was UDP Mayor Moya alleged to have over paid herself, and making payments to her brother for jobs that were never done and again no reports of accounts. The accusations came from her deputy mayor and former employees in high ranking positions. In the north the UDP came into ill repute with their handling of the cane farmer’s strike that resulted in the killing of a cañero.

But the campaign speculations have come to an end with the results of March 4, elections. And the people have spoken… and spoken very clearly. This is the first municipal election of new Prime Minister Barrow after coming into power just over a year ago.

However, the members of the United Democratic Party (UDP) should try and analyze why many Belizeans did not come out and vote. If they fail to deliver in the next four years while they are in control of the two governments, the Belizean people could get angry and vote them out of power in the next General Election which will be held in the year 2013.

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