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Fire Destroys Two Homes, Courage Save Two Lives!

It took only a few minutes for the flames to set ablaze and a few more minutes for the fire department to bring the fire under control and totally out it in an hour and a half but it will take the Lara family many years to recuperate the belongings that they have worked for a life-time.

The fire alarm was given by helpful neighbors and it took the fire department a few minutes to get to the scene and rescue what they could. The first house was totally engulfed by flames while the other went ablaze even before they were able to set up equipment. So now the commander’s order was to prevent the fire from spreading by bringing those two under control.

Despite a fairly strongly wind blowing the able department was able to complete their mission in just over an hour. Two neighboring homes were seriously threatened but the fast action and good decisions prevent a major catastrophe.

At the very beginning of the inferno desperate mother, Grace Westby, locked herself with her baby into a closet to save their lives. After her young girl gave the notice to the firemen, the broke a windo and the brave mother courageously managed to jump out the front window to save her life and the life of her baby. Lamentably the baby had received first degree burns to the face and third degree burns to her arms and had inhaled toxic fumes. She had to receive immediate treatment at the polyclinic. Due to the severity of the injuries baby Tiarra Shantaia Lara had to be transported by airplane to the KHMH for further medical attention.

Kudos is in order to the Fire Department, the Police and willing volunteers who risked their lives to prevent a major disaster. Of course as usual there were whole lots of intrusive and inquisitive people preventing the fire fighters from doing their job.

Reliable reports indicate that the Lara Family lost their total belongings which unfortunately were not insured. It is expected that service and charity organizations and local authorities will join forces to raise funds to alleviate a family in need. And it is expected, of course, that San Pedro will extend a giving hand to a dear friend “Reds” who is always there for others.

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