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Gold For San Pedro High

On Thursday night last San Pedro High was shining like the stars at the Bliss Institute for the Creative Arts. One gold award for the San Pedro High School Band and two gold awards for the dance group organized by the student themselves.

This was the result of their performance at the National High School Festival of Arts sponsored by NICH (National Institute of Culture and History) and the Institute of Creative Arts. The event had been on hiatus for over 20 years but was brought back by NICH this year.

In the opening act the Band was called to open the show and they did so with pride with a rendition of an original reggae, Belizean Queen, written by lead singer Javier Romero and sung by himself with Nathalie Arceo in harmony. Other members of the band are Pedro Salazar, keyboard; Garou Blancan, bass; and vocalist Eliseo Henkis. Music Director is Barrington Castillo.

DancersThe dance group first performed a Samba titled Magdalena with a choreography arranged by themselves, but it was when the dancers performed their second presentation that they took the judges by surprise. The second act was entitled Versatility, which was a mix that comprised a Ballet, Merengue, hip-hop, reggaeton and Salsa. Again the arrangements for the choreography came from themselves which gave them extra points for originality. Judge Althea Sealy commented, “This dance just proved how versatile you guys are.” The dance group comprised of Jessie, Jean, Eni, Scarleth, Melissa, Tatiana, Lizett, Alexis, Elina, Selenie, Rosangela, Francisco and Oscar Varela.

Cool Waves BandThe representation of SPHS stayed at the Princess Hotel and after a refreshing swim in the pool they were all spiced up for a top-notch performance that drew applause from the local fans as well as fans from Belize City. The dance group was judged “Bailando por un sueno” or “American Idol” style and took compliments and congratulations from the judges. They were categorized as Bronze (needs a lot of improvement), Silver (satisfactory) or Gold (good, great or excellent). The musicians were praised for their excellent singing and only drew criticism that one musician needed to move his body with the music.

Out of the 18 schools in the Belize District 12 of them entered performances. The show was full of amazing talent with a funny drama presentation of “Old Story Time” by the Paloti High School; two girls form the Anglican Cathedral high school had the crowd screaming with their amazing dance performance “Settling Dispute” to the song “Pump It” from the black eyed peas; and a wonderful rendition of Arabesque by Alobi Young from the Judy Colier Music School.

There were many more excellent presentations from schools like Saint Catherine;s Academy, Sadie Veron High, Wesley College, Excelsior High, Lady Ville Technical and the Belize School of Music.

The Program director Leroy Green told Ambergris Today that the Festival will now take place in February at the “Bliss Center for Performing Arts”. They will be requesting assistance from businesses now that they have seen what the Festival is about. Mr. Leroy Green also encourages more students to participate in the Festival the only requirements for students to enter is that they have to be attending a high school they can enter independently or through the High School.

According to the chaperons Mr. Nunez, Isela Graniel, Lydia Guerrero and Milly Gomez, the San Pedro High artists were at their best in performance and good behavior. Most of all they enjoyed themselves and represented us with gusto and pride. “Nuff Respect” to the artists from San Pedro High.

Photo Caption:
San Pedro High’s Cool Waves Band and Dance Group perform at the Festival of Arts and receive gold awards.

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