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Hon. Manuel Heredia Appointed Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation

Hon. Manuela Heredia Jr. was once again elected by the people of Belize Rural South to be the Standard Bearer of the constituency for a second term. Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. will not only be representing his people as the Standard Bearer of Belize Rural South, he will also be representing his people and island for the first time ever in cabinet as Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, a first for our Sanpedrano Leader.

Ambergris Today had the privilege to meet with Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. before his official swearing in to Cabinet and he gave us the news of his new post as Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation.

We asked Mr. Heredia what his immediate plans are for Belize Rural South even more so now that he has further support from Central Government. He responded by saying that, with the help of the new Central Government and the Mayor of the island, he will be focusing mainly on middle and lower class people by helping them get their fair share and helping them out in any way possible.

Mr. Manuel Heredia also expressed that the most pressing issues that need to be addressed on the island were traffic, crime, development, tourism and infrastructure, all of which he believes need lots of time to work on.

As Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Mr. Heredia has a major load on his back, for he will be in charge of the Belize Tourism Board, Border Management Agency, Hotels and Tourism Development as well as Aerodromes, Belize Airports Authority and Civil Aviation.

“As Minister of Tourism, I plan on consulting with stakeholders on the island and try to formulate a plan or strategy that will reap benefits for the island and the nation on a whole, for these five years which I am in post and more,” commented Mr. Heredia.

With the increase of responsibility Mr. Heredia said that he would definitely not forget his constituency and plans to work out an agreement with the Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow, where will be available to the people of San Pedro at least twice a week, and once a week in Caye Caulker while the rest of the time he will be in his office at Belmopan.

Mr. Heredia also mentioned that he will keep a close eye on development on the island and he will do his best to keep the island’s best interests at hand. Addressing the Bacalar Chico issue he said that there was nothing that could be done about those deals, but other concerns like the sale of Cangrejo Caye and other protected cayes could be reversed. He promises to uphold strict policies and to monitor sales and development of property on the island.

Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. would like to thank all of his faithful supporters for their tremendous confidence and loyalty to him and he assures them that they will not be forgotten and he will work arduously for the better of both islands and for the future of the children.

Ambergris Today would like to congratulate Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. for his victorious win and new position as Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation. We wish him all the best in all his endeavors.

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