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Narco Weapons Found! Rifles and ammo cached on island behind San Pedro

Three weeks ago, Belize police found 34 high-powered rifles buried on the small island of Deer Caye (known locally as Cayo Venado), which lies just west of North Ambergris Caye, near the Belize/Mexico border. Last week Thursday, April 20, police once more found another cache assortment of weapons, ammunition, and fuel, on a small island lying about 1 mile north of Deer Caye.

The deadly arsenal is definitely not for deer hunting or fishing. Apparently, the area is a major storage site for the “narcos” or narco-traffickers who use the islands as a supply stop for their “go-fast” boats, which traffic the large amounts of drugs to Mexico and its final destination, the U.S.A.

Acting on intelligence, the Belize Police Force Anti-Drug Unit and Belize Coast Guard found a Russian-made AK-47 assault rifle, an American-made AR-15 rifle (‘civilian version’ of the M-16 rifle used by U.S. armed forces) and an Uzi submachine gun (a sentimental favorite of the narcos, made famous in the Hollywood movie ‘Scarface’), along with magazines and assorted ammunition. Police also found large tanks of fuel and radio antennas. No one was arrested, but police believe that the firearms and the fuel were to be used for refueling go-fast drug vessels heading to the Mexico and the U.S.

Photo Caption:
Weapons found in Deer Caye

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