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New Fire Truck For San Pedro

Caye Caulker Also Receives Much Needed Fire Trucks

The San Pedro Fire Department has received a new truck that will be stationed on the island permanently. This new truck is a 1992 English model with the steering on the right hand side; this Fire Truck is a 1992 Dennis Model and is replacing the 1992 Renult Fire Truck that was brought to the island in September.

This new truck has lots of storage compartments on the sides, has a ladder, water pump and lighting equipment at the top and holds 450 gallons of water. It can carry four fighters at the back along with their breathing apparatus and an officer at the front along with the driver.

You might be asking what happened to the other fire truck that we had, well you will be glad to know that residents of Caye Caulker can have some peace of mind as the 1992 Renult Truck was personally delivered to Caye Caulker by San Pedro Fire Chief Garcia. The Village of Caye Caulker now has a well equipped and fully functional Fire Truck in case of emergencies.

Mr. Miguel Matus is the officer in charge of the Caye Caulker Fire Station along with two other firemen who include Mr. Max & Mr. Euceda.

The Caye Caulker Fire Department now has two fire trucks. The first is the 200 gallon Tender from the Department in San Pedro and the other is a portable pump truck from the Belize City Fire Dept.

We were explained that in the event of a fire, the portable pump truck will be able to go straight to the water’s edge and relay through pipes straight to the fire from the sea. The other truck with the 200 gals can immediately render assistance at the scene of the fire as an intermediate until the direct link to the sea is established. This will assist a much faster and easier process to deal with fires says Mr. Matus.

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