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Orthopedic Comfort Presentation – Sealy

Sealy is a worldwide, well-known brand that offers great comfort and quality. It has been proven to be the number one selling brand on mattresses in the industry of beds. On Friday, February 27, 2009, Rolando Porras (President of the import of Sealy Mattress) along with Jose Monroy (Manager of Sales for Sealy) visited San Pedro and held a showcase for the mattress company at Victoria House.

Mr. Rolando Porras was on hand to introduce his brand to all the hotels on the Island in the project which they call “Global Hospitality Beds”. Victoria House was chosen for the venue because it’s the only hotel where all their rooms are fitted with Sealy mattresses.

This brand has been producing its material for more than 125 years. At approximately 30 years ago Sealy has been ranked at the top spot # 1 and up to this day it has remained in the same spot. In order, to demonstrate their quality and innovation, Sealy has set a development and investigation in the industry of beds, where they can prove and develop their materials, design and quality.

In the year 1950 the first Orthopedic Mattress was introduced to the market “Posturepedic”, this offers different levels of comfort: firm, semi-firm and soft, for which they offer the same level of support. This Posturepedic beds have been designed and studied by Orthopedics from the United States to proportionate a better support especially for the lower back.

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