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Police Monitors Security Guards

On Tuesday, February 26, Inspector Andrew Ramirez, Staff Officer for Deputy Commissioner of Police was on the island to check out security guards and companies to make sure that every security guard is licensed and that the laws are being followed by the company.

According to the Laws of Belize, under the Private Security and Investigation Services (Control) Act Chapter 138:01, no person shall act as a private investigator or security guard unless a license is approved. The person must be over 18 years of age and have a clean police record. Any company or security guard must apply to the commissioner of police for a license.

All security offices must register the company in Belmopan and register their security guards who will be using a company’s firearm. There are five confirmed security companies on the island, L.A.G Security, S.A. Security, Wade Security services, Roches Security Services and KBH Security Services.

The main purpose of Inspector Ramirez’s visit to the island was to educate most businesses of these laws of Belize. Come April quarterly checks are due for most companies which should be aware of the laws by then.

The reason for these check-ups is because there have been several instances where crimes are linked to security guards who lend out their firearm to friends who then go and commit crimes. The security guards become accomplices to the crime and can cause for both the security guard and security company to be fined or have its license revoked.

The knowledge of the Law is everyone’s business and this can be found at under Chapter 138:01 (May and October) for the necessary forms that all companies must fill out for Police Inspections. For more information feel free to contact Inspector Andrew Ramirez at 822-2222 Ext 26 or 620-1510.

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