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Pup Slate Of 7 Endorsed

The PUP 7 in San Pedro are saying that not only are they Ready, but also Willing and Able. This is the theme of the PUP Campaign for town council elections for March 2009 that was launched this past weekend in their endorsement convention. Present at the convention were Hon. Johnny Briceño, Party Leader; Servulo Baeza, Secretary General; Senator Eiden Salazar; Martha Carillo, Chairperson Women’s Group; and a large crowd of party supporters from San Pedro and residents of all the districts.

Mel Spain gave the welcome address and reminded everyone to be on the vigilance of the UDP’s who love to promise and not fulfill as was done in San Mateo 6 long years ago. The following candidates were nominated by two voters each of San Pedro:
Ana Najaro – Evelia Paz and Manuel Muñoz
Marina Kay – Santos Acosta and Lily Nuñez
Andre Perez – Patty Arceo and Marlon Guevarra
Ian Pou – Javier Williams and Dorotea Pineda
Viana Perez – Liliana Nuñez and Omar Guerrero
Debbie Spain – Pablo Sosa and Mr. Craft
Baldemar Graniel – Eiden Salazar and Kainie Manuel

Mrs. Ana Najaro introduced herself saying that her goal is not to make a lot of promises but to talk to the people to discover their needs and then serve them accordingly. Andre Perez said that the reports of the town council are non-existent and promised to bring accountability and clean accounts along with sustainable and well balanced development. Mrs. Marina Kay expressed her willingness to change the poor attitude of the present council from that of neglect, laziness and self interest, to one of positive care and concern for all. For her part Viana Perez expressed the concern that the present council works on the basis of favoritism and works only for political gain. She is confident that a PUP town council is willing to open its arms to embrace and work for the betterment of all with openness and honesty. Ian Pou reiterated that help and progress is on its way for all the neglected areas of San Pedro, especially San Pedrito, San Mateo, DFC, San Marcos, and San Juan. “It is an easy job to help people,” said Ian, “but one must be ready, willing and able like the PUP 7.” Under very heavy applause Debbie Spain spoke about the various areas of neglect that need responsible attention. The Mayoral Candidate Baldemar Graniel spoke of prioritizing the work of the council. He thought it is silly to spend so much money on a park when San Mateo has been neglected from everything for 6 long years. He compared it to a naked man needing a pair of pants to be able to go out and work, and in turn you give him a pair of shoes. “We can do better”, said Graniel. “I had retired from politics but I am sick and tired of seeing my people begging on their knees for favors and nobody listens to them. I am here to listen to you and serve you because we all are Ready, Willing and Able.”

Party Leader Briceño said that all around the country, the UDP cry for more money and when they spend it they give no accounts. San Pedro is the same with 18 million spent for 6 years with very little to show. Even the cobblestone Streets is not their project. It is the PUP Government and the San Pedro Business Association. The Bridge is a Barry Bowen Project that we are paying daily. He acknowledged that after 9 years some people were fed up with some practices of the PUP, but in less than a year, people are already fed up with the UDP and will again vote for a change in the coming town board elections.

The convention ended with loud cheers that the PUP is READY, WILLING, AND ABLE.

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