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Reggaeton Hits Belize for Easter

Belize’s first major Reggaeton bashment hit San Pedro, Ambergris Caye and Belize City over the Easter holiday weekend with a concert that featured both local and international artists.

The main attraction was international performer Baby Rasta from San Juan, Puerto Rico; he is an old school Reggaeton artist. Other artists who opened the show for Baby Rasta were Super G, Belizean Entertainment and DNA from San Pedro. “It’s a music (reggaeton) that identifies mostly with the Latino culture and we’re wanting the people to get into Reggaeton, all the Belizean people and feel what it is to be a part of the Latino culture,” commented Israel Vasquez, Business Manager, Belizean Entertainment to Channel 5 News.

DNAAmbergris Today Newspaper had the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with Baby Rasta after the concert and he told us that Belize is a very beautiful country and a perfect vacation spot because of its very tranquil atmosphere. He was very impressed with the island of San Pedro and its people.

“The reggaeton movement will start in Belize. If nothing more I am one of the first reggaeton artists to visit Belize and I feel that reggaeton is going to hit strong. Everybody will know all the songs of all the reggaeton artist,” commented Baby Rasta.

MelodyAnd why the name Baby Rasta we asked? “Well Baby because everybody says I have a baby face, and Rasta because the type of music that is reggaeton. The music identifies itself with reggae; therefore Rasta combined “Baby Rasta”. Baby Rasta started singing in 1992 with international artists such as Ivy Queen, Bebe, Guanavana and Gringo in a group called The Noise.

The concert was held on Saturday, April 15, at the old football field in San Pedro and Sunday at the Princess Hotel in Belize City.

Photo Caption:
1. Baby Rasta performs along with DNA & Belizean Entertainment.
2. DNA pumps up the crowd.
3. Melody meet Baby Rasta.

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