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Seahawks’ Season Ends

The San Pedro Seahawks ended their quest for the RFG Tournament Cup championship last Sunday at Ambergris Stadium when they failed to score goals against Boca FC during their semi-final meeting, which ended in a scoreless draw. Despite various close calls to goal by the Seahawks, the fans were left with much disappointment as one more season went out the window and a very talented San Pedro team once more failed to make it to the BPFL finals.

In the other semi-final game, F.C. Belize goes on to post the 1-zip big W. Unfortunately, it does them no good as New Site Erei moves on to the finals on a goal aggregate of 2-1. The finals for the RFG Tournament 2006 gets off this Saturday 21 of January as New Site Erei heads to the Michael Ashcroft Stadium for a date with big bad BOCA FC. Of course, game two of this series is scheduled for the Carl Ramos Stadium on the 29 of January at 4 p.m., so keep those dates in mind.

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