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Sunset Grill Tops Food Festival

Sunset Grill was the big winner at this year’s Savor San Pedro Food Festival, taking home the Best Dish and Best Appetizer awards. The organizing committee called the festival a success, even though a sudden downpour scattered the crowds in look for shelter. But by the time the rain came, most of the booths had run out of food. Sunset Grill was the only booth that kept on serving their tasty dishes late into the night, proving that they were the favorite of the night.

The second annual Savor San Pedro Food Festival took place on Saturday, February 7 at Central Park were the fantastic aroma of good food filled the air and drew a large crowed to the many food booths. Great food, music and entertainment from the San Pedro Dance Company, Melody Man and fire dancers highlighted the festival that was very well attended.

Sunset Grill was in top form during the night as the restaurant kept serving up excellent food, appetizers and desserts throughout evening even when most booths had called it a night. Indeed Sunset Grill was a crowd favorite, with the judges of the event awarding it with the Best Appetizer (Shrimp Bruschetta) and Best Dish (Scallop Pasta). Other awards were handed out to:
* Black Orchid Spa – Best Drink (Heart Throb Mojito)
* Hummingbird Cafe – Best Dessert
* Pirate Pizza – Best Overall Booth

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