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Wild Cat Electrocuted in North Ambergris

North Ambergris Caye is known to have an array of flora and fauna and back in the good old days most of the hunting was done up north, you could always catch deer’s and other game meat in the area and of course many have said that they have spotted a few jaguars and other animals in North Ambergris.

And on Tuesday, April 14, at about 6:30 a.m. a beautiful ocelot was found dead on the road side on North Ambergris between Belize Legacy Resort and Blue Reef. The animal had no signs of being knocked down by a vehicle or that it had been shot. According to Mr. Kevin Gonzalez, the animal seemed to have been electrocuted as it was found near an electrical cable.

The matter was reported to the Belize Electricity Limited and according to Mr. Leroy Matura of BEL branch in San Pedro, they visited the area and found that an earth wire was exposed and needed to be repaired. The team immediately removed the wire so as to prevent any mishap to passersby.

Mr. Gonzalez contacted the Department of Forestry and was given order to bury the ocelot that measured 44 inches in length.

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