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Years of Your Life or Life in Your Year

It is not how many years of life you have had, but how much life there has been in those years. Got it? With this principle you should be able to enjoy many years of great living. The problem with so many people is that they strive to live a long life without really enjoying the zest of life. When this gusto is missing, even if you live one hundred years, it is not really worth it. But fifty well-lived years is probably better.

People who are pessimistic do not really enjoy life to the fullest. To everything they must bring out the negative side. They fail to enjoy the confidence and trust of people because they are too cautious that they might be let down or betrayed. If they are to make a trip, for example, they will allow negativities to dampen the fun and spirit of that trip. They destroy the life of the trip. People who are complainers have the same problem in that they will only see where they are losing out instead of counting their blessings or wins. They will categorize themselves as victims instead of victors.

Add life to your years of living. Be a victor. Enjoy what good comes your way instead of complaining of minor things that could be worse. When you are about to complain that you have lost a finger, consider a person that has lost an arm and is still desirous of moving ahead in life.

Jokingly it is said that you enjoy oranges, but if you are given a lemon, make a good lemonade. If you are given a gator, make Gatorade. What do you do when it is raining? Grumble? No man, pick up a good book and make the best out of a rainy day. Or catch up of some project that you did not find time to do in ordinary times.

Then there are those who lack ambition. They will go through an entire life fully contented and happy with the very little they might have, materially, socially, and in other ways. There is more life to enjoy when one is ambitious. A man reaches his goals if he first makes goals to begin with. Aim for the stars and you might reach the moon. There is nothing wrong with having dreams. All the good things in life commence as dreams and if you believe in yourself you can accomplish your dreams. Give birth to your dreams; do not abort them.

Consider this. If you will spend four years in high school or four in university, shouldn’t you strive to make the best out of those four years? Just don’t go to school. Add life to your four years. Participate in your academics, but there are extra-curricular activities that will enrich your life. There are sports, varsity teams, trips, clubs, debate teams, variety shows, field days, freshmen’s day, parents’ night, prom, and finally graduation. It is not enough to live four years in school. What is important is to add life to your four years.

So we conclude repeating this principle. It is not how many years of life you have lived, but rather how much life there was in those years. And so here at Ambergris Today, it is not how many pages we print that counts, but the quality of those few pages is important. And we do this for you because you are special to us. We want you to enjoy life.

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