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Debbie and Larry Share Popsicles at R.C. School Once Again!

The faces of Debbie and Larry Heimgartner shine bright with smiles as they enter each classroom at the San Pedro Roman Catholic School, along with them is Mr. Manuel Delvalle of Manelly’s Homemade Ice Cream. They were back once again giving out over 1,000 paletas (popsicles) to each student and teacher at the primary school. The students, like always, were delighted with the treat the Debbie and Larry brought along with them during their school visits. Year after year the generous couple purchases popsicles for the children from Manelly’s and joyfully share with the school children. Thank you Debbie and Larry; it’s great to see you guys once again. Happy Birthday Wishes to Debbie who celebrated her birthday over the weekend.

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