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Large Fire Averted at Micky's Place

At around 2:30p.m. on Sunday, November 28, 2010, neighbours of Micky’s Place restaurant assisted in the extinguishing a fire that erupted from the restaurants kitchen located at Plaza Sol on Pescador Drive in downtown San Pedro. The San Pedro Fire Department arrived shortly.

The San Pedro Police received a call from neighbors of Micky’s Place reporting flames and smoke coming from the establishment. According to the restaurant’s owner, it is believed that the fire was caused because the deep fryer had been left on after the restaurant had closed after midday. The oil ignited and the thick smoke filled the restaurant.

The quick response prevented a bigger disaster as the Fire Department only reports damage to the fryer, besides water and smoke damage to the interior of the restaurant. Micky’s Place had to temporarily close for cleanup but should be back in business in no time.
Fire at Mickey'sFire at Mickey'sFire at Mickey's

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