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New Horizon's Academy Asks for Help

With 320 students currently enrolled at the New Horizon’s Academy, the school has shown tremendous growth in recent years, providing a great education for its students and helping to alleviate the congestion at other schools in the island.

With this growth comes added expenses for the school. Currently New Horizon’s Academy in the Escalante Area is in need of some loads of sand fill for the school grounds. The students have to play and run around the muddy school grounds when it rains and the entrance is covered in rough hardcore that was laid to cover the potholes and level the grounds. The school is appealing to anyone wishing to make a contribution towards the improvement of its grounds. Please contact the Principal Mike Hernandez at 665-1897 to extend your assistance.  

Thank you and God Bless You
Management, New Horizon’s Academy
New Horzon's AcademyNew Horzon's AcademyNew Horzon's AcademyNew Horzon's Academy

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