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"Bike to Brazil" Cyclist in Belize

He’s a resident of Mt. Rainier, MD, on the Northeastern border of Washington, DC, and he fell in love with Brazil on his very first trip there in 1999. After his next few visits he knew that he wanted to live in Brazil some day. Paul Joseph Park even got a job at a Brazilian restaurant, practiced Portuguese and is now on a Bike Trip that left from the US destined to Brazil. Yes he is biking from the United States of America all the way down to Brazil in South America.

And Paul is blogging his adventures all along his way. His most recent blog already has him here in Belize.

Blog Post, Tuesday, January 11, 2011 – “Today I rode from Orange Walk to Belize City and caught a water taxi to Caye Caulker. Last night, I slept in the fire station in Orange Walk. I am getting used to Belize; it is definitely different. Especially in the North, it is a mix of Spanish, English and Creole. In Belize City and in Caye Caulker, it is mostly Creole and English. I am learning some of the Creole. They say it is a mix between English and the African languages originally spoken by slaves brought to the Caribbean Islands and Belize mainland. I am currently tired from my ride so I will post more tomorrow morning after I get some much needed sleep at the moment. Cheers.”

Follow Paul as he continues his with his bike trip to Brazil through his BLOG.
Cyclist to BrazilCyclist to BrazilCyclist to BrazilCyclist to BrazilCyclist

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