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Mama Vilma Family Home

San Pedro is known to be a loving and caring community always looking out for each other and helping those in need in any way possible. A group of island residents have come up with the idea of building a family home for men, women or children that are abandoned or need a place to call home.

The community of San Pedro is a very giving and humanitarian and when it comes to helping out people especially children it always achieves its goals. Currently there about 20 members involved in this project and Mrs. Shelly Huber is the President and Ms. Eve Dirnback is the Vice President.  

“Although this project is still on the making we have many great plans for the home,” commented Mrs. Huber. “One of the first things we want to do is register the home as we want to do everything legally. The home will be named ‘Mama Vilma Family Home’, and the reason why we chose this name is because those of us who knew Mama Vilma Arceo know that she was a very caring person and was always helping out the community of San Pedro.”

The plan is to open a home that will offer housing, food, medical support, and education to the children of San Pedro that lack parental support, either from absent parents or parents without the means to offer support. One of the major things for this group is to unite to support the physical, social and emotional needs of women and children.

A fundraiser event has been organized and it will be a fashion show at Coco Locos Swim up Beach Bar on Saturday, February 19. During the fashion show models will be showing off the best in clothing that the top boutiques on the island have. Tickets for the Fashions show are for $20.00 Bze; there will be several door prizes and auctions.

Let us unite once again for a great cause. The children of San Pedro deserve our support. Together as a community we can move mountains. Let us help make the Mama Vilma Home a reality. If anyone wishes to join this group or make donations kindly contact Mrs. Shelly Huber at 651-3533 or Ms. Eve Dirnback at 623-9962.

By Sofia Muñoz

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