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Saying "I Do" on Valentine’s Day

Kim & Eloy Elope to San Pedro for Valentine’s Day Wedding
– by Dorian Nuñez

Kim Allard and Eloy Alderete Jr. will forever have special ties with San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, as on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2011, they became Mr. and Mrs. Alderete in one of the most beautiful destination weddings in Belize.

“I found happiness, laughter, strength, tears, faith in God, and true love! True love was something I could only dream of until I met you. I look forward to continuing our life together as one. Our connection all along was to be here today in beautiful Belize for our wedding day!” These were the words from Eloy wedding vows as he promised his everlasting love to Kim.

They met in 2004 and have enjoyed traveling together since. Kim and Eloy had not visited Belize before but they had heard wonders of our Paradise from friends and it was a vacation destination they had yet to visit.

“We’ve got a friend named Shannon that visits Belize often and has met fantastic people doing so. That really says a lot,” commented Kim to Ambergris Today. She also said that both being from Texas, the trip was a convenient plane ride away and that the legal requirements made it very attractive. “We were also looking for a relaxed atmosphere and a place that was fairly easy to get around; we love that ‘local’ feel,” continued Kim.

So they put their wedding plans on the hands of local wedding planners of “I Do” Belize Weddings who are experts at destinations weddings in Belize. The couple says that Keli Engleson, the company owner, really made the entire process stress free, which was what they were aiming for.

“We’ve been very pleased with the level of service we’ve received from her company. The folks that work there are really attentive and pay attention to details.  Plus, they treat us like we are “First Class”.  We like that.” Kim and Eloy made all their plans from the US and “I Do” Belize Weddings made all the preparations in San Pedro prior to their arrival.

So Kim and Eloy decided to elope to San Pedro to get married on Valentine’s Day. They left everything and everyone behind for a week in Belize. With no one else in attendance but Justice of the Peace Eiden Salazar, photographer Jose Luis Zapata and a wedding planner of “I Do” Belize Weddings, the lovely couple got married in an extra special and quaint wedding ceremony in the afternoon at Captain Morgan’s Retreat.

Oh, but I had the distinct pleasure of being a signatory witness to Kim and Eloy’s wedding after being invited as a special guest to the wedding. I was the Best Man, of sorts; even though I had just met the couple a few minutes before the wedding! Very exciting!

Kim followed with her vows right after Eloy. “You are the yin to my yang. You are the calm to my storm. You’ve captured my heart and now my heart belongs to you.” The ceremony, on the beach, under a palapa, barefoot with flower petals dispersed on the sand and the beauty of San Pedro all around, is all that Kim and Eloy could ask for.

After the lovely ceremony and the signing of the papers to make it all legal, the couple took to the beach with local photographer Jose Luis Zapata who captured the love and happiness both Kim and Eloy were experiencing; photographic memories for them to share once they get back home to Austin, Texas. “I Do” Belize Weddings uses the professional services of Jose Luis Zapata as he has become one of the leading professional photographers on the island.

Why did Kim and Eloy decide to elope to San Pedro? They told me it was because it was less stressful and because they love to travel, with most of their very special and most meaningful moments together having been when they are travelling. “We preferred not to have a whole lot of distractions and it seemed ideal for romance, being just the two of us,” they commented.

And you would think that San Pedro, already being a honeymoon destination, that the married couple would stay after the wedding. Nope, but they did stay in Belize; visiting the mainland and exploring the Lamanai Mayan Ruins. They wanted to explore both treasures while in Belize – the sun, sand and sea and the lush tropical rainforest. The best part of being in Paradise for them was relaxing, venturing around on golf cart, kayaking and snorkelling, but most of all spending quality time with one another.

Kim and Eloy took advantage of the very popular destination weddings that are now so very popular in Belize, especially in San Pedro. Keli Engleson of “I Do” Belize Weddings was thrilled to have been part of this extra special wedding, being that it took place on Valentine’s Day. Her wedding planning business offers endless possibilities to make destination weddings in San Pedro a dream. She explains that her company works with the couple and their budget to create the perfect day and personalize every detail.

“We coordinate and arrange everything so that our guests just sit back, relax and feel the magic of Belize!” stated Keli.

A whole new life lies ahead for the newlyweds. They will return home to their jobs and in the near future will try to add some members to the family, they say. For the time being they look forward in returning home to their Scottish Terrier Trevor. One thing for sure is that Kim and Eloy are very happy, but most of all “In Love” and now married!

Thank you for making me part of your very special day. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Alderete!

Kim & EloyKim & EloyKim & EloyKim & EloyKim & EloyKim & EloyKim & EloyKim & EloyKim & EloyKim & EloyKim & EloyKim & EloyKim & Eloy

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