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Flavors of Belize Guide Released for Distribution

Ambergris Today got privy to a glimpse at one of the very first “Flavors of Belize” which is an exciting new guide designed to support the tourism industry specifically in the areas of food, beverage and entertainment.

Tanya McNab, Director/Designer, McNab Design & Dots Per Inch Ltd., responsible for the publication of “Flavors of Belize” visited Ambergris Today, excited to boast the launch of Belize’s newest guide that is supported and distributed by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and the Belize Hotel Association (BHA). She noted that the guide will be placed in hotel rooms, distributed at trade shows, be found in airports and also available in an online version.

“Flavors of Belize” is specifically designed to help visitors in Belize choose their dining and entertainment options from the advertisements and listings presented in the guide. “Flavors of Belize” includes segments about the country of Belize, food in Belize, interviews with chefs, cultural Belizean recipes, photos, tips and also information on the wealth of naturally grown food products in Belize.

The guide is primarily dedicated to participants’ listings, which are arranged alphabetically and presented by geographical location. These listings consist of restaurants, bars, cafes, entertainment hotspots and activity centers throughout Belize. We were glad to see that San Pedro had a very strong presence in the new guide.

In addition to 12,000 printed copies of the guide for 2011, 40,000 rack cards will be produced to supplement the marketing of the guide’s website These cards will be placed in local outlets where tourists travel and will be directing traffic to the website. A digital copy of “Flavors of Belize” will also be available in an e-book version where you can view an exact page-for-page replica of the guide. You’ll also find “Flavors of Belize” is also on Facebook and Twitter.

“Flavors of Belize” is a private initiative, designed and published by McNab Design & Dots Per Inch Ltd., Belize City. Tanya McNab noted that in years to come she expects the size, distribution and popularity of the new guide to increase significantly, with more added content to supplement the listings.

Flavors of BelizeFlavors of BelizeFlavors of BelizeFlavors of Belize

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