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Earth Hour – Turn off your lights on March 26.

Press Release – Earth Hour is a global initiative in partnership with WWF. Individuals, businesses, governments and communities are invited to turn out their lights for one hour on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 8:30 p.m. to show their support for environmentally sustainable action. The event began in Sydney in 2007, when 2 million people switched off their lights. By 2010, Earth Hour had created history as the largest voluntary action ever witnessed with participation across 128 countries and every continent, including the world’s most recognized man-made marvels and natural wonders in a landmark environmental action.

In 2010, WWF felt proud of Central America’s participation in Earth Hour. Six of the seven countries in the isthmus participated officially with the capital cities and government authorities and a total of 17 Central American cities/towns had Earth Hour events. Of these, Earth Hour events were hosted in nine municipalities in Belize.

We all participated by switching off our lights, organizing concerts, selling t-shirts, securing our businesses’ support, using our air time to share a positive and important message.

Together, all of us made it possible for the world to listen and know that Belize and the wider Central American region were committed to real and serious actions for reducing our carbon footprint. We were part of the largest world-wide campaign to date for climate action.

    * Earth Hour 2011 is the moment for collective efforts to shine by taking action in daily and community life to reduce negative impact in the planet and climate.

    * Earth Hour 2011 is the moment to for businesses and organization to stand up to their responsibility to avoid waste and being responsible resource users, caring for water and air.

    * Earth Hour 2011 is the moment for citizens and governments to take specific and real actions to face the climate crisis and the challenges of living in one planet.

WWF invites all Earth Hour friends in Belize and Central America to take leadership for Earth Hour 2011 organizing your own celebrations in your neighborhood, workplace, college, university, community and city.

To participate actively or take the lead and organize Earth Hour 2011 in your city, join the Earth Hour team emailing: Nadia Bood, Matt Wilkin or Lilian Marquez

NOTE: You can join and do activities such as camp fire, candlelight walk, beach party, activities with kids

Thanks for your support!

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