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Sarnita’s Saviors – Are You an Animal Angel?

– Press Release, SAGA, April 6, 2011 – If you saw a sick and starving dog, could you walk by and not look back?  Thankfully for Sarnita, a beautiful and gentle pot licker, two kind hearted business owners in San Pedro could never do such a thing.  They took one look at the pathetic pup, wandering helplessly on Coconut Drive and made the decision to save her.

As if fate was on her side, one of SAGA’s animal welfare volunteers happened to be passing by at the time and offered immediate assistance.  Sarnita was lucky to have been found that day.  She was severely malnourished, covered with weeping sores and scabs, infected with the deadly tick fever and if that weren’t bad enough, the last of her energy was being sucked away by a severe infestation of fleas.  If she had not found some true animal angels, she would not have survived much longer.

Sarnita had a skin disease known as Demodectic Mange, which is common in dogs that are neglected and abused.  It is not contagious but causes awful seeping sores that are very painful for the dog.  It is easily treated and anyone with a sense of compassion would have to wonder how human beings could allow their pet to get into this awful condition.

Luckily for Sarnita, she ended up in the expert and caring hands of SAGA Humane Society, where with some tender loving care, simple veterinary treatment and a healthy regular diet she has recovered fully.  She’s still a bit on the slim side, but Sarnita has now been spayed and is ready to go to a home where she will get all the love and care she deserves.  She’ll fill out nicely and with her huge brown eyes, will be the pride and joy of any family lucky enough to adopt her.

So, the next time you see an animal suffering, be an animal angel, stop, help and call SAGA.  The world needs more angels.

For information on how to treat Demodectic Mange or how to adopt Sarnita or any of her friends, please contact SAGA on 226 3266.

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