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San Pedro Needs More Theatre

The Best Medicine brings in the laughs to Paradise Theatre
–  by Dorian Nuñez

For those of you who missed on Friday night’s theatrical performance of ‘The Best Medicine” we must say that you all missed out on a fantastic performance by a cast of excellent Belizean actors.

On Friday April 15, Gato Negro Productions presented ‘The Best Medicine’ at the Paradise Theater. Theatrical plays are new to San Pedro and I would have wished more people would have attended the function this past Friday. Those who made it to the theatre were treated with a fantastic story of old Mr Moody, who likes to believe he is very, very sick. In fact he believes it so much, he can’t see what’s going on around him: his scheming wife, his daughter’s new love interest, and his crafty housekeeper who thinks she can fix everything. When he tries to marry his daughter off to his doctor’s nephew, his whole world turns upside down.

The play was downright funny with great drama, acting and laughs throughout the entire performance. It featured four original songs, and enough comedy to fill a dozen bedpans. Written and directed by Joey Clarke, the play featured rising and established Belizean actors like Diane Garcia, Pamela Gideon, Berne Velasquez, Jason Pascual, Rodvern Lino, Ishmael Quiroz, Chris Gordon and Tessa Matus.

Members of the Gato Negro Production mentioned that they will be back in San Pedro with more performances in the future. We surely hope they do!

The Best MedicineThe Best MedicineThe Best MedicineThe Best MedicineThe Best Medicine

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