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New Cargo Clearance Procedures at Customs

Launch of ASYCUDAWorld for Cargo Clearance at the Phillip Goldson International Airport – The Comptroller of Customs announces that as part of the Customs Reform and Modernization Project, Customs is deploying the ASYCUDAWorld system for the clearance of cargo at the Phillip Goldson International Airport on Thursday, May 19, 2011.

All declarations for commercial cargo coming through Amerijet, One-bin, Fedex and DHL will be submitted online and presented for payment at the Customs Office at Amerijet Warehouse at PGIA.

Cargo for One-Bin, and Fedex will be examined at their respective warehouses, while cargo for Amerijet will be examined at Amerijet. Cargo for Aero Dispatch (TACA) will continue to be processed in Belize City.

All payments of Duties and Taxes will be paid to the Heritage and Atlantic Banks. Bank receipts for the taxes paid are to be presented to the Customs Cashier at the Amerijet Warehouse. Customs Cashier will return a Customs receipt. Efforts are being made to allow payments to the other banks as soon as possible. Customs will utilize a Simplified Declaration for ‘low value’ goods approved by the Officer in Charge. Only these types of Declarations can be paid in cash directly to the Customs Cashier.

All Carriers, Carrier Agents, Consolidators, Couriers are reminded that all Airline manifests must be submitted on time to and online to Customs through ASYCUDAWorld system. Brokers will not be able to process online declarations if manifests are not registered in the system. Failure to submit manifests on time will result in delay of submitting online declaration. It is anticipated that the use of the ASYCUDAWorld system will help simplify procedures, improve revenue collection and provide relevant statistics for Government.

Procedures to be implemented include:
* Online eManifests, Imports, Exports, Transits.
* DTI – Online submission of Customs Declarations by Importers/Declarant using Direct Trader

Risk Management and Selectivity to determine treatment of goods. Based on risk profiles developed by the Risk Management Unit, declarations will be designated Channels that indicate treatment, for example:

a) A RED lane signifies that the Importer/Declarant must present goods and corresponding documents respectively for physical examination.
b) A YELLOW lane signifies that the Importer/Declarant must take all documents to the designated Customs office for a documentary check.
c) A BLUE lane signifies that the Importer/Declarant may have goods released but be subjected to an audit check at a later date.
d) A GREEN lane signifies that the Importer/Declarant may take delivery of goods upon payment of all taxes without documentary or physical examination.

Post Audit – Post-clearance audit is the process of verifying that an importer/exporter is in compliance with Customs legislation through the examination of all the documents, books and records related to the declarations and goods in question. Post audit is a very import Customs control tool as it allows for the release of goods while still enabling Customs to continue to verify the accuracy of the import declaration. In short Post Audit acts as a ‘backup’.

Customs do not entertain short landed goods.

Importers/Brokers that have received the GREEN Channel and taken possession of their goods will not be able to claim goods short landed.

Importers who feel they may have a discrepancy are asked to seek pre-inspection of goods prior to creating their declaration.

Carrier Agents will be making Manifests available online through the system. Brokers who have not had a chance to utilize ASYCUDAWorld are encouraged to review the requirements and familiarize themselves with the procedures. A flow chart of the procedures is available on the Customs website at 
Access to ASYCUDAWorld is also available on this site. Questions can be addressed to the Customs Reform and Modernization Project team at 501-223 2483 or 501-223 2171.  Email:  We thank you for your cooperation in making this launch possible.

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