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Ambergris Today Goes Lobster Fishing

We could not sit back and wait for the lobsters to come to us; we had to catch them for ourselves. With lobster season starting today, June 15, Perlita, Delsie and Gerry accompanied fisherman/tour guide Mario Graniel to his lobster shades to catch some lobster and get them ready them for the kitchen.

It has been quite some time that lobster has been out of season and out of our reach that we could barely hold on for the season to commence. So the gang left as early as 6:00a.m. from town and headed south of the island to an area between Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. There Mario Graniel has set up shades in shallow waters that have housed lobsters that have matured to adulthood for a few months now – ready for the reaping.

By the way, Mario did notice someone attempting to invade his lobster shades as he approached. Shame on those who steal from others, we say.

With Mario’s instructions and demonstrations, the gang learned how to dive, hook, remove the tail and clean them properly. It takes some practice, skill and endurance; it’s not as easy as it looks. But the gang managed to learn pretty quick and hooked their own lobsters. The lobsters were plentiful and the season looks to be heading with a great start.

Fishermen all over Belize got out of bed very early today to go hunting for the mouth-watering delicacy, the Caribbean spiny lobster. Lobster season runs from June 15 until February 14. Here’s wishing everybody enjoys some tasty lobster!

Mario Graniel catches his first LobsterPancho Gutierrez gets his first catchAngie Graniel helps in collecting lobstersLobster FishingDelsie lobster fishingPerlita lobster fishingDelsie and Jeffrey lobster fishingThe Caribbean Spiny LobsterDelsie helps collect lobstersThe Caribbean Spiny LobsterDelsie helps collect lobstersThe Caribbean Spiny LobsterPerlita helps collect lobstersDelsie helps in cleaning lobsterPancho Gutierrez cleans lobsterJeffrey poses for a picture of his catchDelsie and Jeffrey lobster fishingThe Caribbean Spiny Lobster

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