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Anna Haylock to Represent San Pedro at Miss Earth Belize

Belize International Pageants Ltd. (BIPL) has made the announcement that it will be holding Miss Earth Belize pageant on July 23, 2011, at the Bliss Center. The winner will represent Belize in Miss Earth Pageant in Pattaya Thailand, from October 12th to November 12th 2011.

Miss Anna Haylock of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye is set to represent La Isla Bonita in the pageant and is very hopeful and confident that she has what it takes to win the title and represent Belize at the Miss Earth Pageant in Thailand. Anna has held the title of Miss San Pedro High, participated in both the Miss San Pedro Pageant and Miss Belize Pageant and has modeling experience with the Belikin Calendar and with Moondancer boutique here in San Pedro. Anna will be competing against five other hopefuls from around the country who include Kimberly Robateau (Corozal Town), Ashanti Rodriguez (Belize City), Monique Habet (Cayo), Kiasha Bevans (Belize City), Falon Cain (Stann Creek).

The six contestants arrived in San Pedro this past weekend where they participated in a photo shoot with photographer Jose Luis Zapata at Victoria House Resort which sponsored their stay on the island. Videographer Dennis Peyrefitte was also on hand to video the ladies; both pictures and video will be featured on BIPL’s official website.

The contestants are being preparing with etiquette classes by Mrs. Birdy Francis, fitness, health and pampering by Royal Wellness Center in Belize City; Celebrity Restaurant is sponsoring meals and Princess Hotel is sponsoring their hotel needs, including meetings and rehearsals.

“Our delegate will not be representing me, she will be representing Belize,” commented BIPL director and founder Darlene Clarke-Campbell to Ambergris Today. “I am making a sacrifice because I think the young ladies who are serious about pageants and wish to represent their country should have a memorable experience and enjoy being treated like QUEENS in their own Country. This is my passion and I love what I am doing.”

Darlene says that she wants to raise the bar so that others can follow and have the best interest of their queen at heart. Only then will they go abroad acting and feeling like a true representative of their country, continued Darlene.

Belize International Pageants Ltd. (BIPL) states that it is an organization that will prepare the candidates socially, mentally and physically for local and international competitions. This has been brought about by the need to establish a reputation of professionally produced pageants in Belize. According to BIPL, what makes them different is their passion to succeed in the world of pageants by producing contestants that will make Belizeans proud.

BIPL says it is a business that has become necessary to change the image both internally in our community and internationally in the world competition arena. There is no doubt that there is room in Belize for a quality pageant organization that understands its responsibilities in preparing the candidates in an unbiased fashion.

“We hold the franchise to Miss Earth, one of the three most coveted titles in the world beauty pageant arena and dedicated to the single most important cause, the environment,” stated BIPL in their press release. “We chose Miss Earth as our first competition, as Belize, given its untouched beauty, is an environmentalists’ dream. Miss Earth Belize will become a goodwill ambassador and spokesperson for Belize, as well as its environment and tourism industries.”

Remember, Miss Earth Belize competition will take place on Saturday, July 23, 2011, at The Bliss Center. Belize International Pageants welcomes Beautiful ladies of Belize.

Please call 501-629-9773 or visit us at For more information or interest in sponsorship contact: Visit  Miss Earth, setting a legacy of Beauty and Responsibility.

Darlene Clarke-Campbell: Director/Founder
Karen Burke-Young: Assistant pageant Coordinator
Marcia Faux: Executive Assistant
Althea Sealy: Dance Choreographer

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