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Marisela Vacations in San Pedro After Costa Maya Fest.

Performing artists for the International Costa Maya Festival usually arrive a day before or the very same day that they are to perform and leave the following day. They just get a glimpse of La Isla Bonita and instantly fall in love with our charm. This year’s artist – Marisela, not only arrived a day before the performing night, she decided to stay for almost a week longer in our beautiful home of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

Sources tell us that Marisela stayed at one of San Pedro’s top resort, The Victoria House, and was seen touring the island. Several fans and residents got to see her shopping around town in very popular places such as Super Buy and Casa Pan Dulce Bakery.

The staff of the San Pedro Town Council had the opportunity to meet Marisela and take a few pictures with the famous artist as she went to apply for her Belizean driver’s license (for souvenir purposes we assume). It’s very exciting to know that our island charm, warmth and charisma made Marisela stay for a few days extra to enjoy our Paradise.

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