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Tropic Air Makes Belize Southern Connetions to Guatemala Easier

Tropic Air has sent out a release advising its customers that the airline’s early morning northbound flight #310 (Punta Gorda – Placencia- Dangriga – Belize City) has been retimed in order to connect to their Flores and Guatemala City departures, and for added customer convenience. The new schedule is as follows:
LEAVE                        ARRIVE
PND at 6:30am        PLJ at 6:50 am
PLJ at 6:55am         DGA at 7:10 am
DGA at 7:15am        BZE at 7:30 am
BZE at 7:35am         TZA at 7:40AM

In addition, Tropic Air’s South flight rotation (flts 321 and 340) are departing on the following new itinerary:
LEAVE                        ARRIVE

TZA at 8:00am        BZE at 8:05 am
BZE at 8:10am        DGA at 8:25 am
DGA at 8:30am        PLJ at 8:45 am
PLJ at 8:50aaam      PND at 9:10 am

LEAVE                         ARRIVE

PND at 9:20am         PLJ at 9:40 am
PLJ at 9:45am           DGA at 10:00 am
DGA at 10:05am       BZE at 10:20 am
BZE at 10:25am        TZA at 10:30 am

Also note that Tropic Air’s seasonal late flights: 6PM San Pedro to Belize City & 6:30PM Belize City to San Pedro will no longer be available effective as of August 31, 2011.  The flight will resume in March 2012. For more information and reservations visit

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