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Tropic Air Announces More Convenient Flights to Belmopan

Tropic Air has announced that due to an increase in demand and feedback from its customers, that the airline company has revised its Belmopan schedule that features increased service and more convenient departures.

This revised schedule now gives travelers and Tropic Air’s customers three daily roundtrips between Belmopan and San Pedro, International Airport and Belize City Municipal and two roundtrips to Placencia and Caye Caulker. Below is the new revised schedule that is effective November 15, 2011:

San Pedro to Belmopan                              Belmopan to San Pedro
Flt 901    LV 7:45am    ARRV 8:35am                 Flt 900    LV 10:10am    ARRV 11:00am
Flt 911     LV 11:00am     ARRV 11:55am            Flt 910    LV 1:20pm    ARRV 2:10pm
Flt 951    LV 3:00pm     ARRV 3:55pm                Flt 950    LV 4:00pm    ARRV 5:10pm
San Pedro flights connect to Corozal and Sarteneja service

Belmopan to Placencia                               Placencia to Belmopan    
Flt 901    LV 8:40am     ARRV 9:15am*               Flt 902    LV 9:30am **    ARRV 10:05    
Flt 921     LV 12:00pm    ARRV 12:35pm*           Flt 910    LV 12:40pm**    ARRV 1:15pm
*connects to Punta Gorda   ** connects from Punta Gorda

Belmopan to PGIA International                PGIA International to Belmopan

Flt 902    LV 10:10am    ARRV 10:30am              Flt 921     LV 11:20am     ARRV 11:55am     
Flt 920    LV 1:20pm    ARRV 1:40pm                  Flt 971     LV 3:35pm     ARRV 3:55am     
Flt 970    LV 4:00pm    ARRV 4:35pm

Belmopan to Belize City Municipal            Belize City Municipal to Belmopan
Flt 903    LV 10:10am    ARRV 10:40am              Flt 931     LV 11:30am     ARRV 11:55am     
Flt 930    LV 1:20pm    ARRV 1:50pm                  Flt 961     LV 3:25pm     ARRV 3:55am     
Flt 960    LV 4:00pm    ARRV 4:25pm
Municipal flights connect to Placencia, Dangriga and Punta Gorda service

Caye Caulker to Belmopan                        Belmopan to Caye Caulker

Flt 901    LV 8:00am    ARRV 8:35am                 Flt 900    LV 10:10am    ARRV 10:45am
Flt 951    LV 3:10pm     ARRV 3:55pm                Flt 950    LV 4:00pm    ARRV 4:50 pm

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your account representative or Julie Kee at or visit for more information.

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