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Bridge in Dire Need of Repairs

Town upgrades and repairs – San Pedro is rapidly developing and there is much work to do in order to have the town looking beautiful and having its residents happy. There are several projects that the Town Council is still working on with some problems areas that need to be addressed. 

Residents of the Boca del Rio Area, San Mateo and North Ambergris Caye have expressed their concerns about the bridge in the Boca Del Rio Area as it is showing signs of rapid deterioration that could possibly be a safety risk for the daily users of the bridge.

After having checked out the bridge ourselves, we contacted the San Pedro Town Council to see if they were aware of holes and weakening structures on the bridge caused by the corrosive power of the salt air. Deputy Mayor Severo Guerrero explained to Ambergris Today that the Council is aware of the current state of the bridge and that they have placed an order for the steel to repair the problem areas.

However, Mr. Severo explained that it will take about three to four months for the steel to arrive. For the time being, ply wood will be placed on the pedestrian walkways of the bridge and proper caution signs will also be placed at the foot of the bridge. Residents of the area are asked to be extremely cautious when crossing the bridge either walking or on vehicle especially when repairs of the bridge commence.

Boca del Rio Bridge in dire need of repairBoca del Rio Bridge in dire need of repairBoca del Rio Bridge in dire need of repairSome parts of the bridge are being temporarily fixed by placing plywoodResidents of the area are asked to be extremely cautious when crossing the bridge either walking or on vehicle

San Pedrito Park

In April of this year, during an interview with Deputy Mayor, Mr. Severo Guerrero who is in charge of civic and infrastructure development on the island, he told Ambergris Today that the San Pedrito Area will be receiving a new playground/park.

Mangroves were cut in the area and a large palapa has been constructed in the area. Currently there is a play ground set and according to Mr. Guerrero a few more things are yet to be added to the park before its official inauguration.

San Pedrito Area ParkSan Pedrito Area ParkSan Pedrito Area ParkSan Pedrito Area Park

Street Vendors Relocation

Mayor Paz, along with Deputy Mayor Severo Guerrero, met with the street vendors of Central Park and informed them that they would be relocated from the street side to the main palapa, still in the park area. During the meeting it was stated that the palapa would undergo renovations, including the upgrades of utilities (water, electricity and restroom access) in order for the street vendors to conduct their daily business under the palapa. 

This meeting took place on September 28, 2011, and it was said that in two weeks time the street vendors would be relocated under the palapa but it hasn’t happened yet. We contacted Deputy Mayor Guerrero who informed us that it is taking them a bit longer than expected to fix the palapa but is sure that it will definitely take place in two to three weeks time.

Street Vendors RelocationStreet Vendors RelocationStreet Vendors Relocation

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