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More Major Chain Stores Coming to Chetumal

It looks like more people will be traveling to Chetumal in the near future as our neighboring city in Mexico show major development as a bustling metropolitan community. Quintana Roo, Mexico Governor Roberto Angulo Borge announced that negotiations are well advanced for the opening of new major retail chains in the southern part of the state, among them Starbucks, Sanborn, City Club, Home Depot and Super Che.

The Chief Executive explained that since the beginning of his administration he has developed important and promotion efforts to attract investors to the south of the state, as was the case of Fiesta Inn, which will build and operate Group Intra Grupo Posadas and opening Soriana.

‘These efforts will strengthen the economy of Chetumal, diversify the business and, above all, create jobs for the region, he said.

He said that these new investments reflect confidence in the state capital, “and I always I have told all my countrymen in Chetumal, as governor I am looking for investment promotion, we are serving investors and this demonstrates the confidence that Quintana Roo has in spite of the changes in the markets. “

This investment means new malls in Chetumal with more popular chain stores opening up and providing great products and services. Being that Chetumal is the nearest major city to Belize, is relatively cheap and easy to get to, we are sure that Belizeans are happy to know that they do not need to travel farther abroad to find their favorite merchandise. Mexican bus line ADO is already providing routes from Belize City to Chetumal, Cancun and Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

Mexico Recain Properties, which owns chains like Starbucks, Home Depot and Chedraui, has intention and willingness to open new malls in Chetumal and other parts of the southern state.

According to the heads of these major retail chains, they have set their sights on the south side of Quintana Roo for investment as they have been attracted by the low incidence of crime and security of the environment. These projects could crystallize the next year.

Investment in Chetumal City, Quintana RooStarbucks, Sanborn, City Club, Home Depot and Super Che coming to Chetumal City, Quintana Roo

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