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Prince Harry To Visit Belize in March

Prince Harry will visit Belize, The Bahamas and Jamaica on behalf of The Queen as part of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations from 2nd March to 8th March.  
In addition, Prince Harry will visit Brazil in support of the United Kingdom Government and his charities from 9th to 11th March. The visit, organized by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, is designed to enhance the partnership between the United Kingdom and Brazil.  
Prince Harry will visit:
*Belize (Belize and Cayo Districts) from 2nd – 3rd March  
*The Bahamas (New Providence Island) from 3rd – 5th March  
*Jamaica (Kingston and northern Jamaica) from 5th – 8th March  
*Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and the State of Sao Paolo) from 9th – 11th March.

The complete official itinerary will be announced in due course. Prince Harry has never before visited Belize, The Bahamas, Jamaica or Brazil in either an official or private capacity.
The Diamond Jubilee tour to Belize, The Bahamas and Jamaica is the first Royal tour during which Prince Harry has represented The Queen.
Prince Harry will visit Brazil in support of the United Kingdom’s interests in the region, as well as in support of his charities. Following the official visit to Brazil, Prince Harry will stay on privately in Brazil until 14th March.

Prince Harry to Visit Belize in 2012

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