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Elvi’s Kitchen Names Burger after Ambergris Today

Here is one more reason for Ambergris Today to LOVE Elvi’s Kitchen! We are happy and honored to have been chosen by Chef Jennie, to be the inspiration of a special burger that they are naming The Ambergris Today Burger.

Yes, Ambergris Today now has a burger named after itself and, not to be bias or anything, the Ambergris Today Burger is GOOD and YUMMY! 🙂 It has a hearty and juicy slab of ground beef with a Chaya-filled center and lots of melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

Chef Jennie Staines says the burger is very Sanpedrano with its chaya leaves being one of the main ingredients. She used to prepare the burger for her son Oscar Pinelo but had always wanted to add it to the menu at Elvi’s Kitchen. It was part of Oscar’s idea to present the burger to Ambergris Today.

Elvi's Kitchen's New Ambergris Toda Burger

“The burger is very local, ‘Sanpedrano’, like the staff of Ambergris Today,” commented Jennie. “I am very proud of what you guys have accomplished and you make San Pedro very proud,” concluded Jennie.

The honor is all ours, Jennie! We are delighted! Thank you and the wonderful staff at Elvi’s Kitchen!

Elvi's Kitchen's New Ambergris Today Burger

Make sure you all try out the new Ambergris Today Burger and also the new Half Pound Burger only at Elvi’s Kitchen!

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