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Mayor Guerrero Addresses Firings at Town Council

Less than a month after taking office several Town Councils and the City Council have been firing or as they call it “reconstructing” their offices, leaving many without a job. Mayor Daniel Guerrero addressed the situation of firings at the Town Council.

“After elections we sat down and analyzed what was going on in the town council and decided that we needed to do some reconstruction in office,” stated Mayor Guerrero. “After studying the situation, we noticed that in the property tax area we needed to do some changes as it has not been working properly. Therefore we decided to let go the three people which were fired last week.”

Immediate replacements have been hired to fill up these positions since, according to Mayor Guerrero, after elections several persons had submitted applications for work as many are aware that when a new town council is elected there are re-shuffling of jobs and even vacancies.

A total reshuffling of positions and jobs has taken place at the San Pedro Town Council and new personnel have been hired. Following are some of the changes:

Mayor’s Assistance – Yolanda Paraham
Town Administrators Assistant – Lorna Vasquez
Housing and Planning – Candy Bradley
Cashier – Marion Mejia
Trade and Liquor & Property Evaluation– Wilbert Magaña
Property Tax – Daniela Guerrero

There are currently some positions still available and a few more changes are yet to come. The Town Council has just begun its fiscal year and was audited by two government auditors this week. Mayor Guerrero promises that he will provide the public with the official report on the financial status of the Town Council very soon.

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