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Belizeans’ Safety Addressed After Homicides of Gang Leaders

The rumor mill was churning all weekend long which had Belizeans on edge the entire weekend, in particular residents of Belize City, after the double homicide of George Street gang leader Sheldon August Tillett and his female associate on Friday, April 20, 2012.

Sheldon August Tillett AKA PinkyAnd after all the rumors of various shootings and the increase of murders around the country over the weekend in the social media, the Ministry of National Security and Prime Minister of Belize set a press conference early Monday morning, April 23, 2012, to reassure Belizeans that it will continue to work diligently to provide a safe and secure environment to all especially the residents of Belize City in the wake of the recent shooting death of an alleged gang leader Sheldon August Tillett AKA Pinky who was shot and killed on Friday 20, April 2012. (Pictured on right, photo courteay of the Reporter Newspaper)

At the press conference it was clarified that since Friday, although there were several shooting incidents, only one other homicide took place in Belize City on Allen Pitts Crescent where Peter Flowers was killed. The Ministry reiterated that despite rumors, no more than four (4) homicides occurred elsewhere over the weekend and again reassured the public that it is putting measures in place to ensure the safety of the Belizean public. These measures include increasing the presence of police officers and Belize Defense Force soldiers on the streets of Belize City (an additional 80 personnel) and continuing peace talks with gang leaders.

Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security, stated that only one of the murders took place after the homicide of Sheldon August Tillett and was upset to hear of all the reckless rumors on social media of multiple murders that put the nation on edge.

“We are working diligently in containing the level of violence in the city by increasing the police presence to ensure the reduction of crime and keep the truce between the gang members in the country,” stated Hon. Saldivar at the press conference.

Second City Gang Leader Killed
Also announced by the Belize Police Department was the death of another gang leader, this time of Arthur Young who is leader of the Taylor’s Alley Gang. The press release from the department states that on Sunday, April 22, 2012, about 11:15p.m. information was received that Arthur Young, who was wanted for the murder of Shelton “Pinky” August, George Street Leader, was being harbored at a house owned by Robert Mariano of a Bonefish Street, Vista Del Mar, Ladyville, Belize District.

An operation was subsequently launched at the mentioned address and as a result the house appeared abandoned, but shuffling was heard inside as the Police announced their presence. The house was eventually breached and inside of one of the bedrooms, Arthur Young was found inside and attempted to escape, but was apprehended.

Whilst being escorted to the Eastern Police Division in Belize City a struggle ensued between Young and officers inside the pan of the Police vehicle as he attempted to disarm one of the officers. The firearm discharged and resulted in Young sustaining injuries; he was rushed to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Police investigation continues.

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