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Kindest Kid in San Pedro Award 2012 Nominations

Be Kind Belize is looking for the “Kindest Kid” in the community and with your help they are selecting one out of these four nomination who were selected from a larger list of entries. Following are the final nominations for the Kindest Kid in San Pedro Award 2012. Every primary school in San Pedro was invited to nominate students that they felt could represent them as Kindness Ambassadors.

With the fantastic support and assistance of Mr. Gustavo Ramirez, the Guidance Counsellor at San Pedro High School, along with students, the heart warming nominations made by primary schools, were narrowed down to the final four.  This was done anonymously and on a scoring basis.

Now it is up to the public to decide.  Every vote will count.  So please read these nominations and vote for the one you think best represents the sort of kindness you believe is at the heart of the San Pedro community.  One winner and one runner up will be announced on the 24th of May.  Voting ends on the 18th of May.

How to Vote: Simply mention your vote (Nomination 1, 2,3 or 4) on the Comment Box below this article write directly to

For more information about the Kindest Kid in San Pedro Award 2012 or if you would like to sponsor the prize in some way, please call 624 8251 or email.

Nomination 1
He is not only an outstanding student, but human being.  As his teacher I have him exhibit constant, humble, humility, while helping other students or offering to do jobs that no one else offers or wants to do.  When things seem to have a negative impact on things which affect him, he is always positive with a ‘That’s OK’ response.  

He constantly offers help without being asked, noticing when things need to be done without needing to be told.  He gives of his knowledge, his possessions, his time and himself, consistently and completely.  I’ve witnessed him donate money so friends wouldn’t go without, give up his turn in sports and help other students academically, just to name a few. He helps outside the home as well at his family business, volunteers at SAGA, and is always willing to peer tutor.  I’ve had to move him up in vocabulary because he’s very bright, and when the Be Kind Belize programme was going on, he was constantly nominating others because he noticed their kind deeds.  I wholeheartedly nominate him.

Nomination 2
Kindness and honesty are some virtues that people should possess. Many at times people become boastful because of having or possessing more money or material things than others.  

I know a person who is very kind, honest, loving and outgoing.  She comes from a big family with six members.  Families whom I can say have thought she about what she is and what her job here is on earth.  She is a 10 year old girl that although she has all the commodities; she is always willing to share her luck and her things with others.  I have seen her inviting other students for lunch at her house.  She often buys things for her friends and other people whenever they are need of a helping hand.  She is always showing people around her that they value a lot, she always brings small tokens for them, for example photocopies papers and even donuts.  Her kindness is seen daily and whenever she gives out things you will never hear her saying ‘I gave you this so you need to give me that or do something for me’ or ‘ I give you things because you are poor and I am rich.’

There are also instances whereby she gives out things without people knowing what it is or making them know who gave it.  As example of this will be clothing that she no longer uses. When she reaches to school she will leave her bag on her chair and then walk off to the class where she needs to deliver the stuff.  All she says is ‘ I brought it for.’

She is a person with a huge heart.  She has hopes that more people become kind and humble.  She also hopes that someday there will be peace and love in the whole country.

Nomination 3
This chid shows a high level of kindness and determination, regardless of the family dysfunction  He in my opinion will be the best candidate to be awarded. He struggles with many challenges both at home and in his community. Nevertheless he still holds respect for his elders and peers. He is willing to do anything to help.  He never disrespects or be ill mannered when ask to do something.  He is determine to be someone successful, to show society that even though his family known to be radical, he still overshadows that and makes it into something optimistic. He shows kindness in his community, helping with clean up campaign and other things.  I think he will be the person to choose for the Be Kind award.

Nomination 4
Classified as a virtue, kindness is having positive outlooks and cheerful demeanour in order to inspire and give kindness to others.  This lovely young lady, one of the candidates, outreaches the standards of the word kindness. Not only does she care about her immediate family, but she also shows empathy towards others who surround her. She has inspired many of her peers into making personal sacrifice and making positive decisions. She is a role model for younger students, since she shows leadership, quality and compassion which prevails over any undesired circumstances. She has been chosen by her peers, o be part of the competition, with much admiration and love.


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