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Town Council Working on Maritime Safety for San Pedro

Officials of the Belize Port Authority, Mayor Daniel Guerrero and President of the San Pedro Tour Guide Association, Mr. Phillip “Billy” Leslie met with local media to explain about their plans on improving maritime safety in San Pedro.

In October of 2011, after an unfortunate tragic accident involving a local water taxi vessel and a tourist losing a leg the Belize Port Authority, along with the Belize Tourism Board, agreed to take immediate action to address maritime safety for the island.

The Belize Tourism Board has already placed notices on piers for swimmers. The signs have ‘welcoming words’ and include some rules and regulations about designated swimming areas off the piers for the safety of all.

As a follow up to this meeting, the BPA met once again with island officials to continue placing signs especially on the “no wake zone” in the Boca Del Rio Area and along the lagoon area for the safety of all swimmers and boaters.

“Education is essential, we need to educate everyone in order to prevent any accidents,” stated Mr. Phillip ‘Billy’ Leslie. Signs indicating the areas which are “no wake zones” will be erected, as well as for designated safe swimming areas.

One of the main reasons why this is being addressed with much importance is because residents are taking the entrance of Boca del Rio as a swimming area. The geo-tubes which were placed in front of the Boca del Rio Park have sieved out all the sand making the area shallow; residents have taken the dangerous area for swimming.

To prevent any accidents the area will be properly marked off and a different swimming area will be assigned for everybody to enjoy. The Belize Port Authority will also have personnel carrying out periodical inspections so that rules and laws are not being violated.

This plan of action will commence immediately in the town area and then spread out in the entire island for the safety of all.

Working on Maritime Safety in San PedroWorking on Maritime Safety in San PedroWorking on Maritime Safety in San Pedro

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