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National Festival of Arts – Art Exhibit Launch

The National Institute of Culture and History, through the Institute of Creative Arts, continues to uphold a rich tradition of artistic talent and creativity by presenting the National Festival of Arts. Each year, the flourished fruits of raw Belizean talent can be seen through the District Festival of Arts from Preschool, Primary and Secondary levels. The best of these talents, as well as those outside the school system, are showcased in the National Festival of Arts.

The Festival consists of two major categories – juniors and seniors. The junior category includes children between the ages of 5 and 13 years old from Preschool and Primary levels, who have little or no affiliation with any artistic organization.

The festival is also open to persons outside of the school system in the senior category. This category includes amateur and professional artists, 14 year and older, from secondary schools and other youths/adults who are very active in their respective art.

Belize Festival of Arts Schedule

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The objective is to highlight the local talents that are seen every day on the streets as well as those from private art organizations. It is therefore important for the National Festival of Arts 2012 to continue to embrace the talents of our Belizean artists by giving them an opportunity to express their artistic capabilities in the splendor of lights.

The Festival also hopes to tantalize the senses of Belizeans and onlookers with a comprehensive experience of arts and culture from all over the country and to solidify ICA’s efforts to nurture Belizean culture and talent by flooding the airwaves with many colors of the expressive arts.

Art Exhibit
Tuesday, May 22nd will mark the opening of the visual Arts Exhibition at the Bliss Centre/Belisle Art Gallery. This exhibit will showcase the work of young artists from throughout the country in the following medium: Painting, sculptures, ceramics and graphic & visual arts (i.e. animation, photography etc.) among others. Participating pieces were selected and curated in consultation with ICA’s Theatre Department and will be on display from May 22nd – June 22nd. This Exhibit will open 10am on May 22nd.  

Participants will be Primary & High Schools; Art Schools, and local artists (male and female), from throughout the country, who work in the above-mentioned mediums.

Belize Festival of Arts Schedule

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