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Youth Rally Positively Impacts San Pedro Youth

The youth are the future of our country and as parents, educators, family members and friends, it is very important that we guide them in the right direction and encourage them to hitch their wagon to a star and never give up. With this in mind, in a collaborative effort between Belize Telemedia Limited, RESTORE Belize and the Belize Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (BELAIFA), on Thursday, May 24, 2012, students of San Pedro High School were addressed by professional motivational speakers from across the United States.

The purpose of the youth rally was to stimulate and educate the youths of Belize about living a positive lifestyle. Addressing the students were four internationally renowned speakers, they were Consuelo Kickbusch, Roy Juarez, Pamela Perkins and Bert Oliva. These speakers are well known for their motivational, inspirational and charismatic speeches and have instilled the values of staying in school, self esteem, overcoming hardships and igniting their own potential.

BTL Youth Rally

Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch –

“I am Belize, Belize is me, The Future, Today because I am Special” These are the words the students at SPHS were repeating after Consuelo after she enlightened them with her personal life story.

Consuelo, a retired colonel of the US Army, touched the hearts of many as she related her life story. At the age of nine Consuelo was mentally, emotionally and sexually abused by men and had a physically abusive mother.  At the age of 19, Consuelo learned to read, got herself a job and worked tirelessly to obtain an education. She entered the US Army, rose above all her hardships, forgave her mother and is now devoted to positively help change the lives of the youth of America.

Students were touched by her story and Consuelo received a warm round of applause and cheers and even a standing ovation.

Roy Juarez –

“My bag, my home” – Roy’s mother was a victim of daily physical abuse by his father, finally the mother left the father but ended up leaving the children for another man and leaving the children homeless. Roy raised his two siblings on his own, Roy packed a bag of personal items he called a home for two and a half years. He went through a lot of hardships and pains and distrust. Roy became a high school dropout but was lucky to have been chosen to introduce a lovely lady; a motivational speaker who then became his mentor, helped changed his life – that lady was Consuelo Kickbusch. Roy graduated from Hardin Simmons University and president and founder of America’s Business Leaders- a human development company. Roy learned to forgive his family and now they are all back together.

“Love yourself enough to give yourself a chance, education changes everything.” – Roy Juarez.

Pamela Perkins –

“I WOW!”  – Although Pamela’s speech was short and direct it was a very powerful one. Pamela talked about the importance of understanding yourself, not allowing the world to define you. “Word Up” – you cannot speak against yourself and expect life to be perfect, you have to define who you are and leave and impression,” stated Pamela.

She explained to the students to never allow anyone bring them down to believe in their selves, in their words. The world will define you from what you give off and you have to set that pace.

“If you are true to your word, your word will be true to you. I WOW!” – Pamela Perkins.

Bert Oliva –

“Make it Happen” – Bert Oliva came from a humble beginnings, worked arduously to get to where he is today. Today Bert is the CEO/Founder of Bert Oliva Wealth Academy International an international sales and training organization that includes seminars, professional coaching, keynotes and corporate trainings.

He is well known for his breakthrough feats such as walking barefoot on glass, eating fire among other feats. Hhe assured the students that a person does not need a breakdown to have a breakthrough. “Crazy people succeed, you have to make things happen in order to succeed in life,” stated Bert.

Bert made a first form student eat fire for the first time and proved to all that only by facing the discomfort and not succumbing to the pressure one feels during a breakthrough that they develop a new outlook of what is possible in their lives and strive for their full potential.

All four speakers had the full attention of the students of SPHS and were quite moved by the speeches they each delivered. At the end of the rally students rushed to personally thank the speakers for having touched their hearts and impacted them in such a positive manner.

BTL Youth RallyBTL Youth RallyBTL Youth RallyBTL Youth RallyBTL Youth RallyBTL Youth RallyBTL Youth RallyBTL Youth RallyBTL Youth Rally

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