Rebecca Stirm Eliminated from Mission Catwalk Show

Belize’s young fashion designer Rebecca Stirm was eliminated from the Mission Catwalk Competition in episode 11 of the Jamaican reality television show that aired last night June 5, 2012. The designer had won four challenges, was never in the bottom ranking and was in the lead in the show; viewers were shocked in the turn of events that lead to her elimination. Winning this episode was Ryan Chan of Trinidad.

After a taste of victory with his first win last week, Ryan Chan of Trinidad has won yet another challenge on Caribbean fashion reality series Mission Catwalk; a win which qualifies him for some enviable prizes including the chance to show at London Fashion week. His scores also put him in the top three ranking which means he will be showing at Caribbean Fashion Week this Friday!

The task for the series’ final challenge was to create a mini collection for SOHO boutique dubbed “London 2012” for a fashionista travelling to London for the Olympics.

Rebecca Stirm Eliminated from Mission Catwalk

In what may seem a shocking turn of events, Belize’s Rebecca Stirm’s domination of the show has ended with her exit on this episode.  The 19 year old, who has never been in the bottom, had won four challenges since the show’s start. Barbadian Kerin Scott was also voted off. This means that the top three designers are Jamaicans Crystal Powell and Gregory Williams along with Chan.  They each received an iPad as well as SME kits and business tips from NCB.  The top three will show their collections at the National Indoor Sports Centre on Friday June 8 at 7:00 P.M.

Congratulations to Rebecca for having done such a great job in Mission Catwalk. You made us proud girl and wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

Rebecca Stirm Eliminated from Mission Catwalk

Rebecca Stirm Eliminated from Mission Catwalk

Ryan explains his London 2012 collection inspired by the colours of the Trinidad and Tobago flag Credit Tiffany Lue Yenmcw final three Crystal Powell Ryan Chan and Gregory Williams- Credit Tiffany Lue Yen

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