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Tropic Air’s Pilot Program Helping Pilots Build their Turbine Time

Tropic Air – The Airline of Belize – is the largest and most experienced airline in the country of Belize. With over 180 daily scheduled flights and 13 destinations within Belize, Guatemala and Honduras, it is without a doubt that Tropic Air is the airline that most if not all Belizeans prefer.

Tropic Air is surely very busy, employing over 250 workers and priding itself with the services offered to its customers. But did you know that Tropic Air Ltd. also has a Pilot Program where it allows pilots to build turbine time with their brand new range of G1000 fitted Cessna Caravans? That’s right; Tropic Air Ltd. has given, for years, qualified pilots from around the world, an opportunity to build turbine time on the Cessna Carvan 208b’s under PICUS (Pilot in Command under Supervision).

To learn more about Tropic Air’s Pilot Program, Ambergris Today had the pleasure of having a chat with Mr. John Grief IV who explained that the program came about as an idea of his father. John Greif III wanted to give back to the aviation community and help out pilots build their turbine time for much less than what it costs in other schools to do so and to do it in Paradise.

“The project has been going on since 1991,” commented John Greif IV, “The idea is to help student pilots get the highest quality training in a less costly manner and to promote our beautiful country Belize.”

The program runs year round and student pilots accumulate up to 100 hours per month and most stay up to four months to accumulate their turbine time. Pilots must have a minimum of a CPL/MEP/IR issued either by an ICAO registered state or an US FAA License with a minimum of 200 hours total time logged.

Tropic Air asks all pilots to set aside two weeks upon arrival in Belize to accomplish all the local requirements which include Air Law Exam, getting a student visa and medical examination, to name a few.

Tropic Air Ltd receives students from all over the world including South America, Central America, Middle East, USA, Canada and Europe. In a year Tropic Air Pilot Program hosts about 20 pilots. Through this program Tropic Air hopes to expose our beautiful Belize to the entire world and at the same time help the aviation community.

To learn more about Tropic Air’s Pilot Program visit their website or visit their Facebook page.

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