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San Pedro Town Council's Need For Land

In his New Year’s message to the public at Central Park, Mayor Daniel Guerrero first announced the Town Council’s intention to acquire the Parham property to be used for town improvement projects. At the time, it was received with loud applause in approval of the intended acquisition.  Further to that announcement, in this week’s regular visit to the Good Morning San Pedro Talk Show, Mayor Danny formally announced that the acquisition of the Parham property is in process.

The Parham property (Sands Hotel), pictured above, sits directly across Central Park on Barrier Reef Drive. Although no formal details have been given, it is understood that initially part of the property will be used for parking; another section of the property will be used for the expansion of the park. As for the building itself the plan is to modify it for town hall purposes or to demolish it and build a new town hall. “It will be a nice project like the ‘Palacio Nacionales’ that are used in the cities of Mexico,” commented Mayor Guerrero.

In addition to this acquisition, the visionary mayor added the intentions to purchase two properties adjacent the Boca Del Rio Park also for town projects and needs. One of them will serve as park expansion and access and the next one nearer the bridge for use in the beach reclamation project which will commence soon. And this is not the end; Mayor Danny also called on the citizenry to call him and advise him on other properties that might be available for acquisition for town development.

San Pedro Town’s Council Need For Land

Town Council working on purchasing other property adjacent to the Boca del Rio Park

San Pedro Town’s Council Need For Land

San Pedro Town Council also looking into acquiring property next to the bridge

After the mayor’s announcement, there was some opposition by a few members of the community, but a lot more people seem to support this move by the San Pedro Town Council.  For one thing, the Mayor is doing so with a vision to improve living conditions of everybody.

“I work for everybody, PUP and UDP,” commented Mayor Danny.

Secondly it is to be noted that the Mayor has been working on his group’s election manifesto and more. He is trying to accomplish other projects that were not even in the manifesto.

Town councils in every municipality do need properties, especially land, to be able to operate efficiently and effectively.  It is worthy of mention that there is a difference in acquiring and purchasing.  In an acquisition the property is taken by virtue of the town’s ordinance to be used only for town improvement, and not real estate. It is the court that establishes the price of the property. On the other hand a purchase is made on a price agreed upon by the buyer and the seller. This could run much higher than an acquisition deal.  

Therefore for all practical and sound financial purposes, an acquisition is preferred because the court sets the price and the council does have the authority to acquire any property for town improvement purposes. With real estate land prices going very rapidly, it is wise for the Town Council to hold on to some land in San Pedro; after all we still have need of some sports fields and courts, youth center, infirmary, home for senior citizens, home for orphans, rehab center, just to name a few. Certainly our good mayor is open to ideas, so contact him with your plans and suggestions instead of simply criticizing.  Food for thought!

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