Drama Draws Tears at San Pedro High

It is about seven years or so every year that retired Professor Larry Heimgartner, along with his lovely wife Debbie, visits San Pedro and specifically San Pedro High School to present live theatrical drama to the students.  It is a program designed by Larry and former principal Angel Nuñez to draw attention to social issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, peer pressure, teenage parenthood, bullying, rebellious teens, and rape among others.  

Angel Nuñez and Ambergris Today were invited on Tuesday, November 5, 2013, by Debbie and Larry to witness and enjoy the presentation which dealt with keeping hurt feelings silent which is devastating to the human spirit.  In the thirty minute presentation visiting students Sarah MacKensie from Strathaven, Scotland and Katie Emma Hughes from Stockport, England narrated in the first person situations when they were raped by a boyfriend who was supposedly a perfect, by a brother who was supposedly a hero, a grandfather and even an uncle. “Break this vicious cycle” uttered the SPHS students.

During their narration the visiting students drew tears from their own hearts and convincingly also drew tears from some of the students in an audience that was steadfast in silence and 100% engrossed. The message was clear and well received.  It was a lifetime message learned in half an hour at school:  SPEAK OUT AGAINST RAPE; DON’T CARRY THAT BAGGAGE FOR A LIFETIME.

Ambergris Today salutes Larry and Debbie for their love of the children and teenagers of San Pedro Town and for their yearly visit and message of hope. Mr. Nuñez claims that he will not be surprised when he hears the names of Sarah MacKenzie and Katie Hughes in Hollywood.  A job well done by everyone!

Drama Draws Tears at San Pedro High

Drama Draws Tears at San Pedro High

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