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New York Times Lists Belize in ‘52 Places to Go in 2014’

As Belize’s popularity keeps rising, more and more magazines, websites and blogs keep highlighting the country with positive vibes and accolades. Best dive sites, best island in the world, best beaches and best places to retire are just a few of the lists Belize has been featured on. The Belize Tourism Board indicates increasing trends in the tourism industry and is working hard in keeping up the good image of the country as a top destination to visit.

With this said, one of the first highlights of this year comes from the New York Times that has listed Belize in the ‘52 Places to Go in 2014’. How about that?  “More flights and lodges in Central America’s eco-frontier” says the post about Belize.

Witness a city in transformation, glimpse exotic animals, explore the past and enjoy that beach before the crowds – Read more on what the New York Times has to say about Belize and the rest of the 52 listed locations. Click HERE.

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