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Belize Tourism Board and Olson Win Top Honors at In2 SABRE Awards

Belize took Best in Show honors at the In2 SABRE Awards for its ‘Breaking Bad’s Trip to Belize” campaign. The Belize Tourism Board and Olson Engage were recipients of three honors at the awards show that took place last week at the Four Seasons San Francisco.

The marketing campaign won the awards for best marketing buzz and digital influence as well as the best in show for turning a potential negative publicity to a great opportunity to promote Belize. If you recall, the hit AMC show “Breaking Bad” used the phrase taking a “trip to Belize” as a euphemism for killing someone. But the Belize Tourism Board and the marketing team at Olson turned things around by posting humorous and light-hearted tweets at the show’s actors. The BTB even sent a letter to the cast of Breaking Bad inviting them on a free vacation to Belize.

Belize Tourism Board Extends Free Vacation to Stars of Breaking Bad

Needless to say, the marketing strategy worked wonders for Belize as it created a lot of buzz in the social media. The team also partnered with the New York Times for an exclusive story.

The In2 SABRE Awards was designed to recognize and showcase the most innovative work in areas such as content creation, multimedia storytelling, data and analytics, research and measurement. Click Here to read more on the awards.

Belize Tourism Board and Olson Win Top Honors at In2 SABRE Awards

Pictures courtesy of SABRE Awards Facebook Page

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