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Iris Salguero Selected New Miss San Pedro 2015

An attentive and anxious audience awaited the results of the Miss San Pedro Beauty Pageant that was held at the Hon. Louis Sylvestre Sports Complex on Saturday, August 29, 2015. Cheers when out to all six contestants who were vying for the title of the prestigious crown. In the end, five judges selected 19-year-old Iris Salguero (Miss Captain Sharks) as the island’s newest beauty ambassador.

The audience burst into thunderous applause as the contestants graced the stage for the opening dance performance that included participation of outgoing Miss San Pedro 2014 Michelle Nuñez. The ongoing cheers for the lovely ladies kept on throughout the pageant as the entertained in three segments that included a cultural, swimwear and evening gown presentations.

Pageant contestants included Vivian Magdalen Noralez, Velie Alexi Williams, Ethel Villatoro, Brianna Hope Leslie, Iris Salgero and Tisane Martinez.

Iris Salguero Selected=

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Iris Salguero Selected=Brianna Hope Leslie, Sponsored by Ramon’s Village Resort

Iris Salguero Selected=Vivian Magdalen Noralez, Sponsored by La Serene Resort and Spa

Iris Salguero Selected=Ethel Villatoro, Sponsored by Castillo’s Hardware

Iris Salguero Selected=Tisane Martinez, Sponsored by Fido’s Restaurant and Bar

Iris Salguero Selected=Iris Salgero, Sponsored by Captain Sharks Marine

Iris Salguero Selected=Velie Alexi Williams, Sponsored by Jaguar’s Temple Nite Club

Iris Salguero Selected=Swimsuit Competition

Iris Salguero Selected=Evening Gown Competition

Iris Salguero Selected=Michelle Nuñez Miss San Pedro 2014

Iris Salguero Selected=A special gift was also presented to Velie Alexi Williams who left a special lasting impression on all the staff at Los Cocos Hotel

Iris Salguero Selected=Los Cocos Hotel of Chetumal, Mexico presented the award of “Linda Sanpedrana” to Brianna Hope Leslie

Iris Salguero Selected=Iris Salguero Miss San Pedro 2015

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